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Students rally to help Haiti Print
Written by Amy Mayhew
Tuesday, March 02 2010 8:38 pm

ROSE TOWNSHIP, Michigan – The students of Rose Pioneer Elementary School rallied to the cause last week, raising $1090 for “Hope for Haiti Now,” a program belonging to CARE, one of the world’s largest  international humanitarian 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations dedicated to helping the people of Haiti after last month’s devastating earthquake.

Principal Michael Beattie said Student Council members embraced the service learning project to benefit the people of Haiti, holding a “Pennies for Hope” drive and a movie night to raise funds for the crisis.

Beattie said students raised nearly $1,000 in cash and coin donations alone, and added another $90 by hosting “Movie Night” at the school. Beattie said the classroom earning the most money was promised a special treat, courtesy of Family Council parent, Rita Bentley who initially approached Student Council with the idea.

While several classrooms raised over $100 in cash and coin collections, it was Teresa Cantarella’s fourth grade class winning the top prize with $164.67 in collected funds.

“Everyone did a great job,” Beattie said. “We are especially appreciative to Christine Widdis, Jennifer Faulkner and Aimee Highfield for their sponsorship of our Student Council, and to TCF Bank in Clarkston for counting all of the change free of charge, and waiving the fee on the cashier’s check to Hope for Haiti Now.”

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