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Holly area credit union delivers gift of communication

Written by Amy Mayhew
Thursday, September 20 2012

North Metro Federal Credit Uni...

HOLLY, Michigan – Students attending Holly Area Schools' Respect Program were in for a treat today after Metro North Federal Credit Union employee, Ashley Asbury stopped by to deliver a basket full of “Signing Time” videos, especially for the students.

Through bake sales and other fund raising events, NMFCU employees raised enough money to purchase the gift basket containing more than 10 Signing Time videos, and some microwave popcorn for the kids.

“We made a list of what we would like to donate, compiled it and we vote on it,” Asbury said of the organizations choice of charities. In addition to the HAS Respect Program, NMFCU is also gifting the Kaleidoscope Foundation.

Paraprofessional, Wendy Alvarado said the “Signing Time” videos are instrumental in helping students of all abilities communicate better and more clearly, unlocking the once silent voices of many children who were unable to communicate through speech and unable to express even the simplest of thoughts until seeing the videos.

“You don’t know what a Godsend this is,” HAS employee Don Pluta said of the new videos. “Not only do the kids benefit from watching these videos, but we as teachers also learn how to better communicate with our kids.”

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