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‘Holly Wears Hope’ bracelets send message of hope and compassion Print
Written by Amy Mayhew
Tuesday, April 12 2011

HOLLY, Michigan – Thanks to the creative wordsmithing of fifth grader Emily Martin, the students of Patterson Elementary School will be wearing their hearts on their sleeves all in the name of compassion for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.

Fifth grade teacher Stephanie Raymoure said students belonging to the SCAPE team – that is, Students Caring About Patterson Elementary, quickly jumped into action shortly after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan, looking for ways in which they could help.

“We brainstormed a lot of different ideas on how we could raise money and came up with selling the rubber bracelets,” Raymoure said. Emblazoned with the words, “Holly Wears Hope,” the bracelets serve as a message of hope and compassion, and bring the reality of the situation home to students.

Emily, 11, said the message coupled with the red band will hopefully become a symbol not just to Patterson Elementary School staff and students, but to the entire Holly community.

“We’re hoping to sell them in other places – maybe at businesses in Holly or maybe even at some of the other elementary schools,” Emily said.

“We’ve purchased 400 of the bracelets to start,” Raymoure said. “If we can sell all of these – it’s a great start.”

The rubber wristbands come in child and adult sizes, and can be purchased at Patterson Elementary School for $1 each. All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to aid the earthquake and tsunami victims of Japan.


0 #1 Olha Dunbar Wednesday, April 13 2011 9:42am
This is wonderful! Congrats to you forward thinking students, and to the effervescent Ms. Raymoure in striving to do good for our global community! We have Community Champions of ALL ages, and I will be coming by the school today to purchase some of your bracelets. Thank you SCAPE for your good works!

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