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Holly El students say 'Hats off to science!' Print
Written by Amy Mayhew
Thursday, April 21 2011

HOLLY, Michigan – It was a true celebration of science at Holly Elementary School on Thursday as all students took part in a science hat parade before adjourning to the upper elementary grade level science fair.

As part of the hat parade, each student was assigned a science word from his or her grade level’s core science curriculum and asked to design a hat to reflect the word.  

Pride-filled students donned their creations and participated in a parade of hats for their classmates, teachers and parents to see.

Using paper sacks, newspaper, boxes, old baseball caps, visors or any other readily available item, students had to display the assigned word boldly on the hat, and use all the creativity they could muster to illustrate it’s meaning.

Fifth grade teacher Jen Goings said she learned the science hat idea from a colleague in Texas. “We were looking for ways to boost our science scores, and I thought this was a great way to get kids enthusiastic about science vocabulary,” Goings said. “For the science fair, fourth and fifth grade students were allowed to pick a topic of their choice, and create a presentation on it.”

Wearing his “energy” hat, fourth grader Logan Benson presented his science project demonstrating what floats and what doesn’t.

“I did a study on several items – a Lego piece, a pencil eraser, a cotton ball – things like that to see what floats and what doesn’t” Logan said. “Believe it or not, the pencil eraser floats.”

“The hat parade and science fair have been great for both our students and our parents,” Holly Elementary School Administrative Assistant Sue Dobbs said. “We had just about 100 percent participation in the hat parade – it’s been awesome!”

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+1 #1 Janet Leslie Thursday, April 21 2011 7:33pm
Nice job, George! :)

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