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Secretary of State helps students celebrate Michigan Reading Month

Written by Amy Mayhew
Thursday, March 28 2013

Secretary of State Ruth Johnso...

HOLLY, Michigan – In honor of Michigan’s Reading Month, Michigan’s Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson stopped by Holly Academy Thursday morning to read a favorite book of hers to Holly Academy kindergarten students.

Before getting started, Johnson talked about Michigan, and even shared a picture she had taken atop the Mackinac Bridge. “That’s me popping through a port hole at the very top of the bridge,” she said pointing to a blown up photograph. “As you can see, it’s quite a view from up there.”

Johnson solicited the help of kindergartener Isabel Banks, 5 as she then read Helen Palmer's,  “A Fish Out of Water,” to the group.

Afterward, Johnson talked about her job as Secretary of State, answered individual questions from the students, and gave each student a copy of her picture of the Mackinac Bridge.


#1 tconnell 2013-03-28 12:23
Ruth Johnson has some connection to Holly, right? Or was Holly a random pick?
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#2 amayhew 2013-03-28 13:04
Yes, Ruth Johnson lives in the Holly area, and she was the former Oakland County Clerk before being elected Secretary of State.
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#3 rob 2013-03-30 08:17
And she was your state representative and county commissioner, and president of the county commission.

Ruth also helped put the superintendent of the 'Intermeddiate School District' in jail when he swiped money from the special needs kids to build that palace to ignorance on Pontiac Lake road. Redmond was his name.

I think she would make a fine governor!
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#4 gerryf 2013-03-30 16:50
Well, while I have mostly supported Ruth Johnson throughout the years, let's not canonize her just yet. She actively campaigned for Mitt Romney and blocked Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (who many expected would pull votes from Romney) from appearing on the ballot in an arguably political move.
Now she is supporting a plan to alter the way Michigan distributes presidential electoral votes that is clearly intended to skew elections toward the Republican Party. She’s a politician--and a partisan one at that--first.
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#5 Janet Leslie 2013-04-01 10:40
Of course Ruth Johnson is a politician! How could she hold political office (and so many, at that) without being one? And what kind of a politician would she be if she didn't keep her campaign promises to protect and strengthen the integrity of our elections? Ruth Johnson keeps her promises and works hard to do it. That's my kind of politician.
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#6 gerryf 2013-04-01 11:13
I'm not sure how blocking a candidate who will take votes away from someone she supports, how supporting a plan to give a plurality of electoral votes to a candidate who wins a minority of the popular vote in presidential elections, accepting campaign contributions from a PAC that violated election law (Meijer contributed $10,000 to her campaign and also financed a recall campaign to get rid of township officials in ACME that were opposed to a store there) or chairing a campaign committee while a sitting county clerk protects the integrity of elections .... that said, she is mostly a positive force--just not as pure as the driven snow as you seem to think. Still, it was always great fun to watch her irritate the heck L. Brooks Patterson and I've typically voted for her. Just having second thoughts these days.....
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#7 Phil 2013-04-01 12:29
Strengthen the integrity of our elections? Then she should be at the forefront of establishing a non-partisan committee to draw district boundaries so residents in Michigan can actually have a choice in the election instead of having districts weighted so heavily in the general election that the other political party has no chance. It does not benefit the state as a whole to have extremist candidates from either political party elected to office. When the decision is made in the primary, that's what happens.
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#8 Gary the Foot 2013-04-03 11:02
Thank you Ruth Johnson for taking the time to visit our schools and interact with our children as part of Michigan Reading Month. Regardless of people's personal opinions and political stances, sometimes we should just appreciate it when people do good things.
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#9 Lee 2013-04-03 13:32
Well said, Gary the Foot! She is a very busy woman, and this was a nice thing for her to do, politics aside.
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