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Holly Academy breaks ground on new addition

Written by Amy Mayhew
Thursday, June 16 2011

HOLLY, Michigan –Not only was it a great day to be a Husky, but it was also a great day to celebrate at Holly Academy on Wednesday!

Over 800 students, staff members parents and distinguished guests filed into Holly Academy’s gymnasium on their last day of 2010-2011 school year for an assembly celebrating their recent “School of Excellence” designation, recognizing teachers for 5 and 10 years of service, noting the excellent work of high-achieving science students, and preparing for a ground breaking ceremony that would signify the beginning of a new era at the school.

Due to continuous growth in student enrollment, Holly Academy will begin a 15,000 square foot building expansion later next month. The new addition will include a third science laboratory, new media center, a multi-purpose room, classrooms and additional office space.

NJB Architects of Flushing is the architectural firm for the expansion, and the construction process will include demolition of the vacant girls’ dormitory that has been on the 34-acre property since 1950.

Flanked by National Junior Honor Society and council students, leaders from the local community, legislature, Michigan Association of Public School Academies, Michigan Department of Education and Central Michigan University attended Wednesday’s festivities, all took part in the assembly before moving onto the ground breaking ceremony.  

The demolition process on the girls dormitory is expected to begin in mid-July with construction on the new addition expected to begin in late August. The school anticipates having the new addition open in time for the 2012-2013 school year.

Holly Academy educates 788 students in grades K-8, offering students Spanish and daily science curriculum along with numerous enhancement opportunities. Holly Academy ranks tenth among all Michigan School Districts based on 2010 MEAP scores, and is fourth among all charter schools in Michigan. It is a self-managed school, authorized by Central Michigan University.

More information about the school can be found on the Holly Academy website.


+1 #1 Dayne Thursday, June 16 2011 8:40pm
to the Holly Academy parents;If your plan is to enroll your student in Holly High school,the diversion of money away from Holly area schools k-8, affects the quality of the curriculum at Holly High School.
-13 #2 Fishragz Friday, June 17 2011 10:40am
Just to clarify, you think I should send my student to a Holly Area Public School to get a lesser education in grades K-8 because it could affect the quality of his education in grades 9-12? Yikes, wake up, I send my student to Holly Academy because of the high quality of education available there, as evidenced by their MEAP scores and their recent designation as a 'School of Excellence'. What Holly Area Schools needs to do is spend their money on academics rather than making their administrators wealthy!
+7 #3 BigDan Friday, June 17 2011 1:12pm
That is a totally absurd comment, Dayne... the schools are hurting because of the economy and what the State can give per pupil. It has nothing to do with the Academy.
+8 #4 Peter Clemens Friday, June 17 2011 3:29pm
Wow, the comments so far seem to be the opening salvo in rekindling that age old debate that took place when the Academy first opened. Dayne I disagree with you that the Academy siphons off so much money from H.A.S. that the quality of the curricula suffers. When my Daughter and three of her classmates graduated from Holly Academy and attended Holly High School all four of them placed in fourth year Spanish as freshman. When they became sophomores Holly High designed a curriculum that would carry on their advanced studies clear through to graduation. Fishragz I also disagree with your statements Under Kent Barns leadership I think that H.A.S. has made great strides in comparison to the H.A.S. system that some of us remember from the mid 90’s. These strides may not show up in the M.E.A.P. scores as of yet, but we all have a lot to proud of with our school system here in Holly. Also I think that it is prudent to remember that not all children who attend Holly Academy are from the H.A.S. school district. I’m sure that there are students from Fenton and Grand Blanc and other districts as well.
+2 #5 Darrin Saturday, June 18 2011 9:00am
I am very happy to hear of the expansion; Holly Academy and the entire community should be proud. I'm also happy to hear that the old dorm will be demolished as well. While the reputation of the Academy has been strong, I know the old/vacant buildings surrounding it have dampened its perception in the eyes of some. This is great news all around!

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