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Popular Cuisines That Are Totally a Must-try When Visiting Whangarei

When you tell people that you are located in the Whangarei district of NZ – you ought not to be…

By Richard , in Travel , at January 21, 2022

When you tell people that you are located in the Whangarei district of NZ – you ought not to be surprised at their reactions which can range from “sorry, what?” to “questioning if you had moved to a new country altogether”. And that’s mainly because the location was created recently and it is yet to trickle down into the human consciousness. When a person tells you that they are from Pittsburgh, you are bound to accept it at face value because the city has been around for nearly three hundred years. But Whangarei came into being only in 1989, so it is bound to be sometime before it receives the same sort of attention. But that aside, it happens to be an exquisite location that accounts for some of the top restaurants located in NZ. And when it comes to food and the top restaurants located here, along with the different types of cuisine available, do review these tips.

Italian pizza

When it comes to food in Whangarei, it’s hard to contemplate food and Whangarei apart, especially the notion of fast food. If you thought that Whangarei was one of those places that’s immune to pizzeria and burger joints, you need to rethink. For example, it’s home to several branches of Dominos and that’s just to get your saliva buds overworked. Various flavors are available, from authentic Italian to even genuine American pizza, but as for the genuine part, that’s a bit on the nose. On the whole, when it comes to Pizza and Whangarei, and Pizza, the vegetable flavors are many and range from the usual vegetable toppings to sweet corn pesto, the usual Margherita, vegetable stingers, and more. And when it comes to the non-vegetarian flavors, they usually range from the old favorites such as chicken, salami toppings to cheese crust filled capsicum beef and more.

Italian cuisine

When it comes to Italian restaurants and authentic Italian food, you cannot afford to miss visiting Whangarei. It’s chock full of authentic Italian restaurants with some of the best authentic Italian food that you are bound to taste on this side of the border. Their pasta is on point, with its taste authentic to the point that it complements each restaurant’s setting. If your tastebuds are hankering for some Italian food, then you need to check out some of the best restaurants located in Whangarei, and while you are at it, try to read some of the top restaurant reviews, as that should clue you in.

Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine is not exactly new to Whangarei and if you thought that you would not be able to get any Thai food while you are down here, you may want to rethink again. Thai food is easily available and you should be able to get easy access to a complete range of Thai food, at economically priced rates. There are more than a few restaurants, located in the prime Whangarei downtown area, that help serve authentic and delicious, mouth-watering Thai food. And that’s why you need to check online as that should help highlight some of the best restaurants in Whangarei that help serve some of the delicious Thai foods

Chinese cuisine

When it comes to Chinese food and authentic Chinese food, from the usual Dim Sims to Singapore chili crabs, you need to check out some of the top Chinese restaurants located in the Whangarei district. The food is fresh, with the flavors authentic, and with great cooks, you should be able to get your hands on some of the most mouth-watering examples of authentic Chinese food outside of mainland China.

These are some of the various cuisines that you should be able to check out in person when visiting Whangarei.