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Village of Holly receives National Trust Main Street Accreditation

Thursday, February 28 2013

the village of Holly has been ...

HOLLY, Michigan – Once again, the village of Holly has been designated as an accredited National Main Street Program for meeting the commercial district revitalization performance standards set by the National Trust Main Street Center. Each year, the National Trust and its partners announce the list of accredited Main Street programs that have built strong revitalization organizations and demonstrate their ability in using the Main Street Four-Point Approach methodology for strengthening their local economy and protecting their historic buildings.  Accredited Main Street programs are meeting the challenges of the recession head on and are successfully using a focused, comprehensive revitalization strategy to keep their communities vibrant and sustainable.

State Coordinator for Louisiana Main Street Ray Scriber attended a special Holly Downtown Development Authority meeting on Feb. 21. “I am very impressed with Holly, very impressed with the way you are running your program, the way you work together, and am impressed with your preparation,” Scriber said. Additionally, Scriber praised Holly Downtown Development Authority Director Hope Ponsart. “You have a very good Executive Director – I see Holly continuing to grow and doing great things.”

Hope Ponsart

The organization’s performance is annually evaluated by Main Street Oakland County which works in partnership with the National Trust Main Street Center to identify the local programs that meet 10 performance standards. These standards set the benchmarks for measuring an individual Main Street program’s application of the Main Street Four-Point Approach to commercial district revitalization. Evaluation criteria determines the communities that are building comprehensive and sustainable revitalization efforts and include standards such as developing a mission, fostering strong public-private partnerships, securing an operating budget, tracking economic progress, and preserving historic buildings.

Established in 1980, the National Trust Main Street Center helps communities of all sizes revitalize their older and historic commercial districts. Working in more than 2,200 downtowns and urban neighborhoods over the last 30 years, the Main Street program has leveraged more than $53.6 billion in new public and private investment.  Participating communities have created 448,835 net new jobs, 104,961 net new businesses, and rehabilitated more than 229,164 buildings, leveraging an average of $18 in new investment for every dollar spent on their Main Street district revitalization efforts.

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