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Iceland is waiting to receive you back. The most popular way to discover Iceland is to drive the famous ring road. Every…

By Chan , in Travel , at October 3, 2022

Iceland is waiting to receive you back. The most popular way to discover Iceland is to drive the famous ring road. Every turn brings you to lava fields and waterfalls. We’re going on a road trip to Iceland like no other. Here are our top Iceland ring road routes to ensure you have a great time.

Itinerary for Iceland’s Ring Road

About Iceland’s Ring Road

The Ring Road, Iceland’s national road route 1, is the Ring Road. The Ring Road circles the country, covering 1,322 km (821 mi). Iceland Road Trips last 7-10 days and allows you to see many of the most famous ring Road attractions in just a few days. We recommend spending the entire 10 days seeing Iceland. This incredible Iceland Road Trip Itinerary took us 10 days to drive in an anti-clockwise direction. Are you ready to drive?

You can’t pick up your car at Reykjavik airportBook this airport shuttle.

Most of Iceland’s ring road has two lanes of traffic and is paved. However, it is not all that rugged. Some single-lane bridges are available, as well as narrow passes. Weather can also change rapidly. Sometimes visibility was very poor. I recall a snowstorm that erupted during a four-wheel drive tour. Our driver kept driving with his GPS. We asked him to slow down. However, Iceland’s roads are maintained during snowfall, so you can still explore the country in winter.

Important websites to monitor for Iceland Road Conditions are Weather ForecastRoad Conditions, and Travel Alerts From ICE –SAR.

How to Plan an Iceland Road Trip

Dave and Deb’s ultimate selfie, taken from behind Seljalandsfoss

Iceland Tour arranged our trip to Iceland. They created an amazing itinerary of Iceland roads for us. It was great to have a plan and a pre-booked hotel. It is a popular destination, and the hotels along the Ring Road route to Iceland can sell out quickly. Having a plan for your tour company made a lot more sense.

Independently driving Iceland’s Ring Road.

You can also rent a car to drive the ring roads independently. offers a price comparison of car rentals. We recommend a 4X4 equipped with a GPS. The Ring Road was driven in September, and we drove through several snowstorms. One car veered off the road in front of us. We were able to make it easier with our winter driving experience, as well as the snow tires on our SUV.

Ring Road Tours

Some tours take you around Iceland, even if you don’t feel comfortable driving. Relax and let professionals take you to top attractions on the ring road.

Take a small group tour of Iceland for 8 days. Leaving Reykjavik, you can see many of the highlights in this ring road travel guide. There is plenty to see, from waterfalls to lava fields in the south to the East Fjords or northern lights of the North. It covers everything. It covers everything. You may cancel up to 24 hours before the event to receive a full reimbursement/refund.

The Circle Tour of the Ring Road offers flexibility. You can choose between 4, 5, 6, or 7 days. You will visit the South Coast, East Fjords and Lake Myvatn. There are optional tours of Borgarfjordur, Lava Caving, and the Golden Circle. You can also find more information. More details are here. You can cancel up to 24 hours before your reservation to receive full reimbursement.

Iceland Road Trip Itinerary

In 10 days, we drove the ring road counterclockwise. This allowed us to take in the most important sights and also to have a chance to get off the beaten track without feeling rushed. We saw amazing landscapes and took part in some incredible tours. We recommend spending 10 days in Iceland if you have the time. You don’t have to drive clockwise so that you can make the Iceland road trip in reverse.

Airport To Reykjavik

You are now in Iceland. You are now ready to explore Reykjavik – the Northernmost Capital of the World. This city is located in the southwest corner of Iceland and should not be missed when planning your Iceland itinerary. You are now officially on your Iceland road trip! Reykjavik, located approximately 45 minutes from the airport, has the Blue Lagoon in the middle.

Blue Lagoon

You can soothe your sore muscles by visiting the hot springs early in the morning. Most people visit the Blue Lagoon on their way out of Iceland or the day after arrival. Although it is the most touristy thing in Iceland, you should visit the Blue Lagoon at least once in your life.